We always use proper tools to clean your floor – a mop paired with a machine washable, microfibre pad for dusting and cleaning.

Electrostatic action attracts dirt, micro-particles and common household allergens. At no point should a steam mop be used on a polished concrete floor, nor the use of harsh chemicals such as bleach, citrus products or oils.

A microfibre mop is all that is required in conjunction with water or a low pH cleaner.

The correct mop and mopping technique will prolong the life and beauty of your concrete floors, protecting your investment and even your flooring warranty.

Tip 1 – Take Immediate Action 

The most important step in maintaining polished concrete floors is to take care of accidents immediately by wiping up liquids, semi-solids and anything that may stain or etch the surface.

Large pieces of debris should also be picked up as soon as possible, especially if they may break into smaller pieces or if they may scratch the floor when stepped on or kicked.

At the end of each day the floor is used, it should be cleaned by going over it with a dust mop, although microfibre dust mops are recommended.

Tip 2 – Stay Neutral

Only use neutral-pH cleaners for mopping concrete floors. 
We cannot emphasise this enough!

Tip 3 – Mop It Not Once, But Twice

At a minimum of once per week after dry mopping, the floors should be damp mopped with a solution of warm water and polished-floor cleaner or mild detergent.

Damp mopping will allow you to pick up small debris and dirt left on the floor.

Give the floor time to dry before scrubbing it with a fully wet mop. When one area of the floor has been scrubbed, ring out the mop and use it to absorb most of the water left on the floor. You can then move to another section and repeat the process.

If the cleaning solution becomes dirty before you are finished, it should be changed. The floor will never get clean if you are mopping it with dirty water.

Tip 4 – Just When You’d Thought You’d Finished Mopping …

As a final step, it is necessary to damp mop the floor once more with fresh, clean water to remove any residue that may be left behind from the cleaning solution.