Cleaning with microfibre is easy, effective, and less toxic. Microfibre cleaning cloths are an invention which make less toxic cleaning infinitely easier!


• In the kitchen, use microfibre for cleaning counters and stovetops. The tiny fibres pick up more dirt and food residue than most cloths.


• In the bathroom, microfibre can clean tub, sink and shower surfaces.


• Chrome taps and shower heads can all be polished with microfibre alone. Dirt disappears, and voila, shiny surfaces with little effort.


• Dusting is easy with microfibre. The little fibres trap dust so that it stays in one place instead of flying around. When the job is finished, shake the cloth outside, or rinse in lukewarm water and hang to dry.


• Floors can be washed with microfibre mops. The most common have flat-surfaced, easy to remove microfibre heads. Instead of rinsing a bulky mop head in a bucket, the microfibre head can be removed from the mop handle, rinsed & laundered.

Keeping Them Clean

Microfibre cloths should be damp for cleaning, but dry for dusting. They work best for cleaning if soaked for a few minutes in warm water, but they work even if that step is omitted.

Microfibre clothes should be cleaned after use by washing in warm water with a little dish detergent. They can be washed in the washing machine but MUST BE KEPT AWAY FROM FABRIC SOFTENER. Fabric softener clogs the fibres and will ruin the cloth.

For cleaning jobs where a little extra oomph is needed, use microfibre cloths with a small amount of less toxic cleaner.

Microfibre cloths are tolerated well by people with chemical sensitivity.

Microfibre cloths save money by reducing the need for chemical cleaners. They reduce exposure to chemicals in the home and reduce pollution from cleaning chemicals. These durable, reusable cloths are made from synthetic fibres, usually polyester and nylon, and are not treated with chemicals.

The Best Available

EDCO Merrifibre Universal Microfibre Cloths are our recommendation and are ideal for all household surface cleaning. They are twice the size (360mm x 360mm) of what you’d get at your local supermarket, and are a premium quality product.

Edco Microfibre Cleaning Cloth

A must have in every household!

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